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Please note all policies will be adhered to. 

Bartender Booking Services Guidelines:

  • All Maid Services must be booked at a minimum of 2 weeks before the scheduled event date. 

  • All deposits must be paid VIA the website in order to hold your booking 

  • All remaining balance invoices and contracts must be paid & signed prior to the event date for confirmation of the event.

  • Contracts are sent immediately after the deposit is paid.

  • If the booking is canceled it must be canceled within 21 days of the event, or you will have to pay a $250 cancellation fee.

  • Please note we do offer consultation calls to discuss all package options, however, the final booking must be done online.

Catering Booking Services Guidelines:

  • Catering Services must be requested online through the company website. 

  • If you are booking for a wedding, and require a tasting: Tastings are $250 per person and must be booked within 90 days of the wedding date if being booked in the same year, or 6 months if it is a future date. 

  • If you are combining bartending services and catering services: You must request to book catering services and fill out the form

  • Wedding Caterings must have a consultation call before the deposit is paid.

  • All Catering Packages vary depending on Menu selections, and the number of guests you estimate to have.

Please note our company does travel and we accommodate any, and all events. The following are the travel requirements for our company:


 Traveling within the state of Georgia:

  • Our company is located in Savannah, GA, if we are traveling over 50 miles there is a travel fee charge of $75 added to your grand total which is paid in the final invoice.

Traveling Outside of Georgia: 

  • Return Flights from Georgia, USA to destination

  • If Flight is not required, an amount of $250 will be required ( for travel by car)

  • Accommodations at a 3+ star Hilton Property Hotel OR serviced apartment with access to a kitchenette for preparation purposes.

  • Access to Bathroom, Kitchen/ Prep area at Venue for Queens Catering Staff & Bartending Staff  

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